Audition Tips by KJ ASHISH:

For Talent Hunt Auditions: Indian Idol, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Voice Of India etc.

  • Song Selection is the most important factor for Auditions; Select a song that shows off the best parts of your vocal cords and feelings. This doesn't mean something really tough, but something you are really good in. A very simple song sung very well is much more impressive than a very tough song sung horribly.

  • Don't talk too much. It turns down your vocal cords softness. 

  • If you want to perform like a Rock Star, just STOP drinking, Smoking and enjoying ice-cold drinks and Ice creams.

  • Avoid dusty places, and avoid using stuffs you are allergic to like some kind of disinfectants, pesticides or hard perfumes.

  • You should never ever get thirsty; Thirst is a sign of dehydration. Dehydration may cause partial damage of your vocal cords if you sing or practice for a long duration. Keep drinking water.

  • Don’t sing songs out of your expertise limit. Do not sing the same song daily and never ever sing very high or very low pitch songs for extended period of time.

  • Imitating famous singers can be good and bad. Everyone wants to be unique but everybody has their influences. Copy your favorite singers and implement your own modulations.

  • Ask your friends for feedback, if they say “You sound good”….you are done!

  • There is NO shortcut to become a good performer. Be patient, it takes time to learn the way to sing well………Keep Practicing !

  • Just make sure you have the Lyrics memorized very well in advance, Singing the wrong word or managing the song with humming or la la la is not a big mistake, we all do that, But it does not express the feelings, So it is better to repeat the lines or take a moment to recall the lines you are missing.

  • Sing out Loud! Try to fill the hall with you voice, even if you make mistakes. Try to understand and feel the Lyrics to show some emotions.

  • Get a good night healthy sleep before the day of audition. Drink lots of mineral water but don’t let your stomach feel like a water balloon.

  • Practice your song for twice or thrice before your enter for audition. Warm-up your vocal cords, but don’t sing in too high or in too low pitch, don’t practice with the same song again and again. Just relax after practicing it twice or thrice and Drink 200 ml of mineral water and just sit quite.

  • Make sure that you are not tired and your voice is ready to go.

  • Just Enter with CONFIDENCE, if you make any mistake, simply say SORRY and accept your mistakes and request for another chance, again…do NOT lose your CONFIDENCE.

  • While singing, always act like you are having fun and enjoying your performance even if you are scared like anything.

  • ALL THE BEST!!! Please feel free to drop me an email to for more tips or doubts if you have any.