Tips by KJ ASHISH:

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Attitude: Take a deep breath, Relax and smile! The more fun you have, the more people will enjoy your performance. Just listen to your heart and forget the mistakes.

Participation: Everyone is encouraged to give it a try, even if you think that you may not perform well. Feel free to express your heart and just follow the lines projected on huge screens, Let audience follow you.

Cheer: Always cheer and applaud when you like the way singer sings and when he or she finishes his/her performance. You should always applaud for First Timers when they sing along with karaoke in public. If you do not want to clap because the singer did a bad job, clap and think Oh God! It’s Over and Cheer for the next Performer..

Patience: Please wait for you turn. Don't count the number of times People sing. KJ ASHISH will allow all participants to sing as many times as possible. KJ ASHISH gives chance to every one to scream out and express the feelings. 

Unruly Behavior: Don't disturb or interfere with any karaoke performer. Please don't try to join any performance unless you were asked to do so. Don't forget your turn is coming. If you don't promptly acknowledge your turn when KJ ASHISH announces your name, you may be skipped, as there are others waiting for their turn. 

Karaoke Selection: Unless you wrote it, you don't own it. So don't be too upset if another person sings 'your favorite song'. There are many other choices available. Certain karaoke performers may have 'Signature Tracks' and they sing it every time they attend KJ ASHISH Karaoke Show. Sometimes others will select one of these songs, which may upset the regular performer. As the regular, the most polite thing they should do is to have other songs available to replace and book their other Signature songs. 

Enjoy with KJ ASHISH ! Remember, karaoke is meant to be fun and not too serious. Treat it as such and you'll have a good time singing with KJ Ashish.

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